Monday, August 6, 2012

FAWMstock III And Some Songs

From August 2nd through the 5th my wonderful wife, Phoebe, and I drove up to Wisconsin and attended FAWMstock III. This is the third year in which FAWMers, or songwriters who participate in the February Album Writing Month, have collected to meet and greet each other while writing songs and performing tunes for each other. 

Friday night several of us contributed to writing the lyric and chord progression for the 'Explore the Core' challenge on the 50 Songs In 90 Days songwriting challenge website.  It was lots of fun and a lot of work (believe it or not) was put into it.

On Saturday I was lucky enough to corner Adam Hill to begin writing on a song. Between the two of us we had a darn fine guitar part (if I do say so myself... and I do) but were struggling with the lyric when Nancy walked by and we begged her for help. (Well, sort of.) I should write a song called, 'Nancy Saves The Day.'  I'm pretty darn happy with the song which was my first three way live collaboration. All in person from start to finish in one sitting. I might want to do that some more. We even got to perform it Saturday night at the Spring Green General Store for our friends and some locals.

As The Light Fades by Adam Hill, Nancy Rost and T.C. Elliott

And later Saturday afternoon John Crossman and I participated in a song skirmish collaboration. (A songskirmish is a challenge in which the participants get a title and an hour to write and record a song.)  We sat down and wrote a song. It's not the deepest song we've ever written but it sure was fun.

 Ignite by TC Elliott and John Crossman

I sure had a lot of fun and hope to do it again. I knew it would be great seeing fellow songwriters from an on-line songwriting challenge in person, but I had no idea I'd love it as much as I did. Here's to next year.

Monday, July 9, 2012

I'd Rather Be Lonely

It's July fourth and the 50 Songs in 90 Days songwriting challenge has begun. I had the idea for this song a week and a half ago and have kind of been mulling it over in my head without really working on it. My biggest question is the lyric. I like the melody: it fits my range pretty well. I like the guitar riff: it works both electric as well as acoustic. But the lyric is a bit less than radio friendly. Finally it occurred to me. Trying to make it pretty would take the 'm'e out of the song. This is the way I think and shows my sense of humor. So I went with it.

You can listen to this song here: T.C. Elliott 'I'd Rather Be Lonely'

  I'd Rather Be Lonely by TC Elliott

Title: I'd Rather Be Lonely
Method of Creation: Guitar riff and chord progression first.
Inspiration/Idea: After listening to some Buck Owens I got a cool little guitar riff going
Time to Write: Started on the 24th of June. Most of the chorus was written. Worked on it about an hour on July 3rd and finished and recorded on July 4th.
Time to Record: At least three hours.
Track 1_2: Acoustic Guitar
Track 3_2: Bass Guitar
Track 4_2: Vox
Track 5_3: Electric Guitar
Track 6_3: Lead Guitar
Track 7/8_1: Drums (via Rhythm Editor, bounced)

Key/Chord Progressions: Simple I IV V progression in A

I'd rather be dead than have to live with you
And have to put up with all the things that you do
You know you done me wrong
That's all you ever do
I'd rather be lonely
I'd rather be lonely
Than to be with you

I'd rather sell my car than have to give you a ride
I'd rather stub my toe than have to walk by your side
You're always on the run
You never tell the truth
I'd rather be lonely
I'd rather be lonely
Than to be with you

I'd rather lose a hand than wipe away your tears
I'd rather go to hell than to ease your fears
Well, you can keep your lies
Now that we are through
I'd rather be lonely
I'd rather be lonely
Than to be with you

I'd rather be lonely
I'd rather be lonely
Than to be with you