Monday, September 27, 2010

Lilac In the Dark - Song A Week 2010 -39

Another skirmish song. I'm beginning to like the time restraints. It's fun to write about things that normally don't touch you.

I met you in the evening
I met you in the night
You said you'd give me a good time
You said you'd make it all right

A hundred dollars
All inclusive
I promise not to
Become abusive
I tell you my name
You tell me yours
Your my flower
My Lilac in the dark

You were standing on the corner
Down on 12th street and vine
I love those clothes you were wearing
We both had a good time

A hundred dollars
All inclusive
I promise not to
Become abusive
I tell you my name
You tell me yours
Your my flower
My Lilac in the dark

Monday, September 20, 2010

Collection Round (The Rot Band) - Song A Week 2010 -38

This week is a song by the re-uniting Rot Band. I had the guitar part and Nancy and Hoops added all the good parts.

Tommy Rot (T.C. Elliott): guitar (the original music composition)
Gerald Teacup (Hoops): lyrics, vocals, drums, bass, production
Nancy Rot (Nancy Rost): backing vocals, banjo, accordion

Views expressed in this song are probably not the views of the writers.

Everything in life
Brings me down
From the nuclear bomb
To the collection round

Collection of the bins
Brings me out in a sweat
It shouldn’t be done
It causes first world debt

I find it hard to believe
That we spend our cash
Paying human beings
To collect our trash

Make everything from plastic
So it doesn’t decay
We can leave it in the streets
And it will be okay

No time to get angry
Only time to...
Break some arms and break some legs and
Break some bastards’ heads

Everything I do
Everything I say
I do because I’m right
And it’s the only way

You might think I’m wrong
But I know what to do
So you can live in a world
That is better for you

Monday, September 13, 2010

A Thousand Sunsets - Song A Week 2010 -37

This was a skirmish song from a week ago Sunday. But 23 minutes into it I had to leave. So I finished it today when I realized it was better than other songwriting efforts. Although to be fair I haven't really listened to all the songs from this week.

If I had the time to spare
I'd give you all I own
All my joy, my hopes and dreams
I would give to you alone

A moment with a the sunset
A lifetime drifting by
A thousand tears and regrets
And sunsets floating by

If I had a moment more
I'd spend it in your arms
I'd get lost in your loveliness
And stay lost in your charm


If I could stop time for a day
I would hold you close to me
I'd memorize your lovely face
To hold for eternity


And in my mind I know it's time
That I set you free
And learn to live in my emptiness
All alone with my memories


Monday, September 6, 2010

Voices - Song A Week 2010 - 36

So some weeks I barely squeak out one song, and others, like this week, I have eight to choose from. Although to be fair, most of these are shoddy recordings of barely more than sketches. This song kind of came out of nowhere.

I know I'm never gonna be alone

Voices keep on talking to me alone

Lonely voices talking to me alone

Never ever leave me alone

I am alone