Monday, September 13, 2010

A Thousand Sunsets - Song A Week 2010 -37

This was a skirmish song from a week ago Sunday. But 23 minutes into it I had to leave. So I finished it today when I realized it was better than other songwriting efforts. Although to be fair I haven't really listened to all the songs from this week.

If I had the time to spare
I'd give you all I own
All my joy, my hopes and dreams
I would give to you alone

A moment with a the sunset
A lifetime drifting by
A thousand tears and regrets
And sunsets floating by

If I had a moment more
I'd spend it in your arms
I'd get lost in your loveliness
And stay lost in your charm


If I could stop time for a day
I would hold you close to me
I'd memorize your lovely face
To hold for eternity


And in my mind I know it's time
That I set you free
And learn to live in my emptiness
All alone with my memories


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