Monday, August 30, 2010

Dog Days of August - Song A Week 2010 -35

The Songwriting Scene blog posted a challenge for August and I had this chord progression just sitting there so I did this quick song. I actually did meet my wife at Taco Bell.

I only wanted
A quick bite to eat
When I went into the Taco Bell
I guess you never know
Just who you will meet
It's true you never can tell

I wanted a burrito
Maybe two or three
But I got a wife instead
Give me some of that hot sauce
And a french kiss on the side
Hot sauce does strange things to your head (badly sung)

Dog days of August
Are the best time of year
Dog days won't let me forget
Dog days of August
Bring up those memories
Of the time that we first met

Fifteen years later
I still think about
All the times that we have shared
Through the good times and the bad
We always talk it out
It shows how much we both cared


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