Monday, January 4, 2010

Heart In A Bottle

So the year before last an on-line friend and collaborator wrote a song every week for the year. Actually she wrote more than that but she managed to post at least one song every week. That's a lot of consistency right there. You can listen to her music here: Deborah Linden

Yesterday Billy Sea posted on facebook that he was gonna do it and asked other songwriters to join him. Well I'm all for a challenge so here I go. I'm gonna state up front that I will probably fail at posting a new song for every week of the year in 2010. I really need to focus on recording instead of songwriting. But songwriting is what I enjoy and songwriting is what I do so here I go writing songs. We'll see how many weeks I can get a new song written.

Last night Billy suggested writing a song a week and I wrote this song and recorded it in about an hour. It's not my best work and it has some flaws, but I do enjoy speed songwriting. Sometimes you get some pretty rough gems out of the process.

Heart In A Bottle:

You can download this file here. Right click and save link as (Firefox.)


  1. Okay, I'm in. You write 'em, I'll listen to 'em. :)


  2. Blame Paul....he posted this on FB and I had to listen. You write songs and I write interesting. I liked the song. Jeremy said that it was sad and if you put the song to a movie it would make me cry. Keep on have such a great talent! Best wishes on getting the song a week down! :o)

  3. love the melody. keep going! i won't have time to write just yet - but will during feb - so I'm trying to schedule all my posts for a whole month in advance! yikes! kermy

  4. Nice sound as always T.C. I like the word play as well. Here's looking forward to an awesome FAWM!