Monday, February 22, 2010

Chasing Snowflakes Through The Air

Another song that fulfills the "try to write a happy song" challenge given to me by a fellow songwriter over at SongCrafters, a pretty cool recording/songwriting forum. Check it out if you are at all interested.
Song eight in my attempt to write a song a week in 2010. I'm kind of surprised I've made it this far. In fact I've written quite a few songs this year. Thanks to FAWM I have 14 in the month of February alone. Check it out if you wanna hear some great new music all of which is being written in the month of February.

Chasing Snowflakes Through The Air

I look out my window and see
Both my daughters are playing in the street
A white shroud hovers 'round
I watch as it covers the cold winter ground

I smile as they start to run
Under a grey sky blocking the sun
A trip, a fall and they slide
They go headlong for a winter ride

They Jump, they run
They have some winter fun
They laugh, they fall
They try to make snowballs
With grey winter skies
Come the children's joyful cries
Chasing snowflakes through the air

Snowballs slowly start to roll
Made into a snowy winter soul
A carrot nose and empty shoes
One big snowman waves to me and you


Soon they will grow up
They will leave our home some day
But for now I can see them play

I see them laying in the yard
In soft snow and the ice so hard
Little angels on the ground
They keep on running around and around


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