Monday, May 31, 2010

You Just Don't Give A Damn - Song A Week 2010 - 22

Umm... not much to say about this one. I think I stole part of the melody from another song I wrote about a year ago, but cannot find it. Must not have been that good. Hopefully this is an improvement.

You Just Don’t Give A Damn – T.C. Elliott

I know you just don’t understand
And you have ruined all my plans
Can’t you just try to believe?
How hard can it really be?
You just don’t give a damn

Some days you sit there and pretend
That we will always be best friends
Then you say something not quite right
Somehow you always start a fight
You just don’t give a damn

Sometimes I wonder why I try
When you tell another lie
For six years we were the best of friends
And now you’re gonna let it end
You just don’t give a damn

Chances come so infrequently
And you know what it really means to me

Will you just try to understand?
Will you face me man to man?
Do you know what it really means?
There is more to it than it seems
You just don’t give a damn

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