Monday, June 7, 2010

Beer #5 - Song A Week 2010 - 23

In a forum about 50/90 over on someone posted that they really don't get started or comfortable until beer number three and it got me thinking. So I wrote the lyric to this really fast. Then I just put the simple common chord progression to it. This is a one take acoustic/vox all recorded at once type of demo. Just to get it done so I can go to bed and be up early for work.

With beer number one I’m ready for fun
But I just can’t get too relaxed
Gotta find a chair with nobody there
Gotta find me a place to collapse

Beer number two goes down real smooth
As I start to get loosened up
I start to sing as I shake that thing
Boy can I cut a rug


With beer number three I start to believe
I can do most anything
I boast with the best and wager the rest
I have the whole word on a string

With beer number four I’m ready to pour
A shot of jack on the side
I let it slide down ‘til I’m ready to drown
This bar is a carnival ride


With beer number five I really come alive
Are you ready for an awesome night?
Don’t be dishearted ‘cuz we’re just getting started
Everything will turn out right


Additional verse by Vanncad from
Beer number 10 and I'm p*ss drunk again
Don't think I'm gonna make it to work
My mind's in a trance and I just p*ssed my pants
Why does everybody think I'm a jerk?

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