Monday, November 1, 2010

Hacksaw Legs - SAW 2010 - 44

Almost to sleep about a week ago and the wife started snuggling, which is perhaps my most favorite thing in the whole world. Just as I was getting to sleep I suddenly sat upright in bed with a song idea and had to write it down. You'll never guess where I got the idea.
Sorry, Honey. But I told you I was gonna write about it.

You ask me if I'm ready
To come and sleep in your bed
I love your smile, the way you wink at me
I wanna kiss your pretty little head

But when I try to lay down with you
I feel pain when I'm in your bed
You say you only shave every week or two
And I'm tired of your hacksaw legs

I love the way you look at me
With that twinkle in your eye
You hold my hand and whisper sweetly
I love that you will always be mine

You ask me if I'll come with you
You wanna go into our bedroom
But there's one thing I want you to do
Something you can't do too soon

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