Monday, November 15, 2010

Your Breath On My Skin - SAW 2010 - 46

Challenged to use the line 'turkey baster on the nightstand' by the creative giant that is Nancy Rost, I have this song to show for it. This is song 46 out of 52 in my Song A Week endeavor.

I get so excited when you
Look into my eyes late at night
I wanna hold you so close that you
Know that I will love you till it's light

I can feel your breath on my skin
You know that it drives me insane
And you know it tickles madly
But you'll never hear me complain

I get so excited when you
Tie me up next to the bedpost
We take turns just to see who can
Make the other beg and plead the most

I see the twinkle in your eye
And know that you have a sneaky plan
You let me see the lotion and the
Turkey baster on the nightstand

You don't call it torture
You say it's just a game we play
I obey your orders
You're the boss if only for the day

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