Monday, December 20, 2010

I'd Do It Again And Again - SAW 2010 - 51

A last minute one. Second to last of the year. One to go. Bout damn time, too.

You come home late from work
And you've had a really bad day
You look tired, you look worn down
You walk into a dirty house
You snap at me as I say hi
You go off at the slightest sound

You say what you say
And I say what I say
We don't always see eye to ey
Through all the trials
The good times and the bad
We are just trying to live our lives
I'd do it again and again

Both the kids start a fight
Ask you what there is to eat
All you want to do is take a break
Hey Mom sissy's touching me
She hit me when I told her to stop
Somehow you get another headache

You ask me if I'm coming to bed
It's late and you're getting tired
You say it's time to hit the sack
I lie down and hold you close
Tell you it will be okay
If you want I'll even rub your back

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