Monday, April 26, 2010

A Matter of Time - Song A Week 2010 -17

My next door neighbor was diagnosed with cancer and given about six months to live... that was almost a year ago. The details in this song are completely fabricated, but the spark that led to the song is real, lives next door and still waves to me sometimes when I mow my lawn.

A Matter of Time – T.C. Elliott

He’s been here for years
In this neighborhood
As the world just goes on by
All the things he loves
Turns into memories
They grow old and then they die

A lonely teardrop falls
The only sign of pain
He knows that this too will pass
It’s only a matter of time

All his kids are grown
They’ve all gone away
So he sits lonely and alone
He talks to the photographs
Hanging on his walls
Lonely in the house that was his home

All his pills are gone
And so is all his wine
Soon his pain will go away
He’s been sick for years
Now his time has come
He knows he’s better off this way

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