Monday, April 12, 2010

Never Alone - Song A Week 2010 -15

I wanted to do a rock song so I put aside my first few ideas this week and went with this. I'm hoping to get more time to do demo stuff and have more rock sounding stuff but I'm willing to take what I can get.

Never Alone

Never Alone – T.C. Elliott

You never smile when you walk around -- D A GG
You like it when you’re the talk of the town
Red lipstick and eyes painted black
And a punk rock t-shirt with a ripped up back

But I know -- em A
Don’t you think I don’t know -- em A
You’re too afraid to ever be alone -- em A D

You’re wearing chains around your wrist
You’re wearing leather you just can’t resist
And a tattoo of a dagger on your arm
You wear a bracelet with skulls for charms


In the dark of the night -- C G D
You close your eyes and pray for the light -- C G D
You hope no-one can see the fear and the pain -- em C G D
When you’re alone -- C - D

And don’t you think that I don’t know
Your silly little act has got to go
There’s something beautiful hidden inside
Won’t you forget all those pretty little lies

And now you never have to be alone

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